The model, produced by the Chinese company Trumpeter, was made 16 years ago in the long barrel version 041: it had to be part of a diorama with the two support wagons on the side, partially still to be assembled and completed, as shown in the photo below.

But at the time, new modeling interests had taken over and this model had ended up in the archive but, as a good lover, never forgotten.

And in fact, in this period I wanted to take it back and after a “refresh” I propose it on its own, waiting to complete the original project in the future … well!

Assault mortar Gerat 


Dino Dall’Asta 

Work Time 

About 4 Months


Trumpeter German Pz KPFW Ausf F 




Static WW2 Modeling


Primer Army Painter, Tamiya paints, Revell glue, Panel line Tamiya , Vallejo wash