I started building models under the name ANDIGO in 2003. Nowdays. I am specialized in Kit Bash, Scratch Builds, Sci-Fi, What if…?! and WIII`46-Szenarios. I mostly build models in 1/32 & 1/35 scale but often mix different scales and parts from other model kits to my liking, so i came up with the trademark ANDIGO Against All Scales and installed the website . My biggest aim is to create unusual models with an almost unreal touch to it. Even if I sometimes build models ´out of the box´ I try void to build the same issue over and over again. I have to entertain myself and keep things fresh and exciting to me. That’s why I jump from one topic to another with every work. The most important for me is to stay individual and enjoy the total freedom the art of modeling offers me. Unfortunately I am quite impatient and have to finish a model in less than one week. Therefore I do bigger dioramas rarely. Make good friend with you big box of plastic leftover parts and follow me on my sticky mission to a world with no barriers. Born to lose but built to win!



Andy Uhrlau

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