The model is a 1927 Fiat 806 Grand Prix. The vehicle was only used in one race, the 1927 Milan Grand Prix, after which it was dismantled and scrapped. The kit is from Italeri, scale 1/12, about 30cm long. I’ve made a few changes from the kit, including installing thinner ignition wires, making the cockpit floor and dashboard out of real wood, and replacing about 95% of the screws that are supposed to hold the model together in many places with copper wire bolts. I didn’t like having to look at the screw heads. I didn’t have a project name and the pure construction time took about 3 weeks, but in reality it was probably more than 3 months because I kept having longer interruptions. 

1927 Fiat 806 Grand Prix


Richard Grell

Project Duration

About 3 months 


The model is a 1927 Fiat 806 Grand Prix. The kit is from Italeri




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