Lancia Delta.
I managed to make some striped coloured trim pieces for the door cards. These were printed onto clear decal film and printed on a friends new laser printer. Think Tony will be seeing more of me 😉.
As recommended in the kit instructions I coated the ribbon supplied in the kit with some thinned PVA before assembling up the harnesses, big mistake. The ribbon was to wide to fit through the hardware and now to stiff to lie naturally. So after a couple of hours of faffing it went in the bin. I got some new ribbon from Hobby Craft made from Polyester (The old stuff may have been ?) This meant I could heal seal the end to stop it fraying.
I made up the harnesses and then painted them with thinned PVA to get them to sag, More PVA and double sided tape were used to make them fit the seats. The whole lot was then sprayed with matt varnish.

Lancia Delta Integrale 


Robert Aspinall

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Lancia Delta Italeri Kit 




Static Racing Modeling


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